Our Mission

Our mission is to preserve the Weddington Golf and Tennis property in Studio City as recreational open space with permanent public access.


Purpose of our Organization:


Save LA River Open Space (SLAROS) is dedicated to preserving the last significant Los Angeles river-fronting open space in the San Fernando Valley as recreational open space, open to the public. Our all volunteer, nonprofit corporation was formally established in 2004 to oppose development of the 16 acre Weddington Golf and Tennis property in Studio City.  On July 31, 2014, City Planning published the owners’ Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for condominium development.  Today the DIER remains open with City Planning.  Surveys indicate wide public  support to keep the property “as is” which is a  publicly-accessible, recreational open space.


But now we face another imminent challenge.


On October 30, 2017, Harvard-Westlake School announced that they were acquiring the Golf and Tennis site. Escrow closed on Dec 15, 2017 and it became the new owner. The new owner is proposing a different use of the property than is  outlined in the DEIR. Harvard-Westlake plans  to develop the site for an Athletics Center primarily for student use with some public access as yet to be determined. The Parking, Safety & Athletic Improvement (PSA) Project facilities that were  proposed on land it owns just west of Coldwater Canyon across from the upper school campus would be moved to the Weddington Golf and Tennis site.  There is an understanding and appreciation both within government and the community at large of the value of a  public space that provides recreational space and biological treatment of the polluted water runoff from adjacent neighborhoods.


We have many volunteers and supporters, but elements outside the scope, the skill, and time of our volunteers required for stewardship requires us to engage outside help. That is why fundraising is continuous to retain the necessary experts.


We appreciate our numerous supporters and contributors who have stayed with us through the years. Our work continues.