Harvard-Westlake announced on October 30, 2017 they had agreed to buy the 16-acre Weddington Golf and Tennis property adjacent to the Los Angeles River and are in a 60-day escrow estimated to close by the year’s end. The only information available to date is that they intend to build the Harvard-Westlake Community Athletics Center on the site. The extent and usage of the Athletics Center by Harvard-Westlake, as well as any impacts to the open space and public access to the site, remain unknown.


The new Weddington Golf and Tennis plan dated 9-30-16 is for 200 condominiums with access to the river, open gardens, exercise facilities and other amenities. All 16 tennis courts will be demolished and replaced with 8 tennis courts and two pickleball courts. There would be 500 subterranean parking spaces under the condos, semi-subterranean parking garage with 113 parking spaces under the 8 tennis courts plus 22 surface parking spaces, totaling 635 spaces. The remaining driving range, putting green and clubhouse will be additional amenities for the condo owners. Other buildings include tennis house and a new restaurant. The above is taken from documents on file with the Planning Department.

To read the proposal, click on this link which will take you directly to the case number, VTT-74209, on the LA Department of City Planning website : LA DCP Case Information.

SCRA and SLAROS continue to be opposed to the development of 200 condominiums with the loss of tennis courts, open space and other amenities to the public.

We are a long way from the first city formal hearings on this matter and we will keep everyone informed.

Serious impacts from this proposed development include:

No condos at Golf and Tennis!

  • Increased traffic and congestion on already crowded streets
  • Loss of 8 tennis courts
  • Loss of best possible site for regional public access to L.A. River and river trails
  • Loss of important water quality improvement site to address polluted runoff
  • Obscured views and airflow
  • Increased urban heating
  • Main site access would share access with Fire Station

About the Development Process

The property is currently zoned Agricultural. Development of this property would require two major land use changes: a zone change and a general plan amendment. Development would also require L.A. City Council approval of the development. The owner and developer must follow a public process set out in the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), often including the steps outlined below. It is yet to be determined whether developer may continue/revise their current DEIR or if they’ll need to start at the beginning of the process for their new development plan.

  1. Lead agency (L.A. City in this case) issues Notice of Preparation
  2. Public Scoping Hearing (not required; a hearing was held on this project due to huge community demand for one)
  3. Public Comment Period
  4. Pursuant to the public demand, an Environmental Impact Report was required.
  5. Developer/lead agency prepares Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR)
  6. DEIR is issued and circulated to the public.
  7. Comments are received by the Los Angeles Planning Department during the 60 day period ending on September 30, 2014.
  8. Public Comment during this comment period by  E-mail, in writing, personal delivery or by phone.
  9. Public hearing (depends on project – not required)
  10. Developer/lead agency responds to comments made to Draft EIR and prepares Final EIR
  11. Final EIR circulated by L.A. Planning Department including a staff report.
  12. Public hearings before L.A. City Planning Commission.
  13. Planning Commission makes a recommendation to the L.A. City Council
  14. L.A. City Council makes final decision after public comment