NEWS ALERT!  Harvard Westlake School has purchased Weddington Golf and Tennis, the rare and magnificent 16 acres of open space along the L.A. River, in one of the most densely developed parts of our city.  Join us as we continue to work to keep it open space for the benefit of the public.

Developer of Weddington Golf and Tennis presented plan to SCNC Land Use Committee Wednesday, November 9, 2016.

The topic of this meeting was the current application VTT-74209 for proposed subdivision of the Studio City Golf and Tennis property into two separate parcels. The meeting included presentation of current project scope by the Applicant’s representative, Mr. Aaron Green of the Afriat Consulting Group, with follow up questions and answer session including an opportunity for public inquiry and comment.

Please be advised that this was a “fact finding” meeting only, and did not result in any motion for recommended action to the SCNC Board.

Discussion was guided toward the following primary objectives:

  • Understanding the new application and project scope relative to earlier applications and documentation including the original DEIR prepared under case number ENV-2001-1196-EIR.
  • Understanding the development strategy relative to likely sequence, time frame and structure of processing this and the related applications.
  • Understanding the depth of the developer’s commitment to their stated goal of enhanced outreach and engagement with the Community.

At which time there is sufficient understanding of these and other details, the Land Use Committee will schedule a Special Meeting with the objective of eliciting broad public response, and making a recommendation to the SCNC Board for official action.

Planning Department application summaries are available here:

and here:

The new application and supporting materials are available for review at:

This meeting will be recorded and will be available on the SCNC documentary YouTube channel at