Save Weddington Golf and Tennis!

Weddington Golf and Tennis is vital open space that must be protected. It is a recreational resource of local and regional significance serving thousands of residents, school children and sports enthusiasts from across the region each year.

Please fill out the postcard below, urging our City Councilmember Paul Krekorian to work with the city to purchase the land and ensure it is preserved for generations to come.

Once completed, click on the “Send” buttonĀ below.

Dear Councilmember Krekorian,

Thank you for your service and leadership, especially as a champion of the preservation of Weddington Golf and Tennis as open space for Studio City and its surrounding communities and schools. You are frequently identified as a supporter of the Studio City Residents Association and Save L.A. River Open Space in their efforts to keep Weddington Golf and Tennis as open space for recreational uses. According to the latest application on file, dated Sept. 30, 2016, developers are seeking to divide the property into two parcels for development, starting with demolition of eight tennis courts and construction of a dense condo complex. The proposed project would remove rare open space in one of the densest parts of our city and diminish recreational facilities open to the public. It could also jeopardize the City’s vision for the river, as set forth in the L.A. River Revitalization Master Plan.

I join you in fighting this project to preserve Studio City’s unique character, and ask that you secure the funding to purchase this vital piece of open space for the benefit of the public.

Respectfully yours,

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